Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers - Hylec Controls
Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers - Hylec Controls

Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers

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The VH3100 Vickers and Knoop hardness test system are equipped with a 3-position virtual turret, comprising one Vickers indenter and two measurement objectives. It boasts an automated X/Y sample stage with a travel range of 110 mm x 140 mm, a bright field overview camera for sample navigation and scanning, and a robust image analysis capability. Designed for high-capacity testing, the VH3100 system can perform 150 make-and-measure indents per hour (with a 10-second dwell time) through its fully automated test program.

The system features a purpose-designed collision protection system to prevent accidental damage to indenters and objectives caused by operator errors. With extensive flexibility for automated hardness testing to ASTM and ISO standards, the VH3100 excels in quality control production environments or test laboratories. It is particularly suitable for advanced heat treatment processes in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, construction, and transportation, requiring durable hardness testing systems with precise control during critical test data generation.

The All-in-One VH3100 variant is now available, preconfigured with macro and micro ranges, closed-loop load cell force control, DiaMet Enterprise hardness testing software, and a precision optical measurement system. Operating with a load range of 0.05-10kgf, ISO and ASTM certified Vickers indenter, and 10x and 50x long working distance objectives, the All-in-One VH3100 enhances production control hardness testing. Additional features include a motorised stage (180x180mm with a travel of 110x140mm) and a 5 MP bright field overview camera for sample navigation and scanning.

The DiaMet Enterprise software provides mapping, edge detection, scanning, stitching of overview images, CHD calculations, statistics, weld testing, geometric measurement functions, and supports the export of common file types. It also includes a high-performance personal computer with a 24” full HD touch monitor. The fully integrated platform ensures operators a fully automated environment for accurate and easy execution of hardness tests. Optional accessories such as vises, clamps, sample holders, ISO certified hardness test blocks, and others are not included in the All-in-One package and must be ordered separately. The Wilson® VH3100 hardness tester from Buehler prioritises an easy-to-use interface, catering to the evolving demands of the aerospace, energy, construction, and transportation industries.

Ease of Use

Emphasising a quick and simple operation to meet the needs of inexperienced operators, while retaining the flexibility and complexity required by expert users with the DiaMet operation software.

Increased Throughput – Increased Productivity

The virtual turret with an optional overview camera reduces system complexity by fixing the indenter, objectives, and overview camera, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Increase Up-time & Reduce Service Costs

Incorporating a Collision Resistant System to prevent indenter or objective damage, ensuring increased uptime and reduced service costs. All components and software are meticulously designed, manufactured, and integrated by Buehler for reliability.


Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers Specifications
Load Range 0,05*-10kgf
Objectives 3 positions – configurable objectives
Indenters 1 position, Knoop or Vickers
Overview Optional
Test scales HV0.05 – HV0.1 – HV0.2 – HV0.3 – HV0.5 – HV1 – HV2 – HV2.5 – HV3 – HV5 – HV10
HK0.2 – HK0.3 – HK0.5 – HK1 – HK2