About Hylec Controls

Test and measurement instruments and devices are integral to the effective monitoring, maintenance and operation of industrial systems and processes. Advances in smart sensor technologies are transforming devices and what they can bring to operation management, enhancing the collection and analysis of data for effective decision making.

Hylec Controls is an Australian owned and managed company based in Auburn, Sydney. Founded in 1979, Hylec Controls is dedicated to providing a wide range of controlled test systems across a broad variety of industries. We employ a number of engineers and technicians who carry out commissioning, installation, and repair work as well as regular maintenance to supplied equipment.

We focus on providing our clients with more than just a testing device, but also a solution. Our solution managers seek to provide you the most information possible to build you a final quote. Please contact our team of engineers to discuss the solution and your project.

What Hylec offers

Additionally, Hylec offer complete system solutions including the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatically controlled test systems as well as customised control systems including simple analogue and PLC controls, adaptive digital controllers (with PC interface) and complex computer based hardware and software.

Exclusive Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Hylec Controls are the exclusive distributors in Australia for globally-recognised manufacturers including LAB Equipment Inc, Form+Test, S. Himmelstein, Marui Co, Singleton Corp, Wilson Hardness, and CSZ amongst others. Major customers include ADFA, Amcor, BHP Billiton, Boral, CSIRO, Ford Motor Co, GM Holden, Hanson, Holcim, Lafarge, Rio Tinto, RTA, Thales, Vipac, and Visy Paper.

At Hylec Controls provides high quality testing equipment from market leading brands, expert advice and superior service to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Why Hylec Controls?

Why labs choose Hylec for their test equipment needs

They choose Hylec because Hylec Controls supply quality test equipment that is reliable and accurate. Hylec also offers expert technicians and engineers that  provide timely and cost effective service and operational support. As well as on site service modern telecommunications and smart phones allow Hylec to provide remote support for on site personnel via video and  machine control monitoring. This combination of quality machines backed up by expert service allows Hylec to offer a test equipment solution that has a low cost of ownership when both capital cost and operating cost are considered. Hylec offers a range of equipment to suit test laboratories of all sizes. Choosing Hylec as your  test equipment supplier and system integrator allows lab managers to concentrate on the important tasks of running a lab without getting distracted by issues related to equipment breakdowns or inaccurate test results.

The Hylec Management Team

Graeme Campbell, Managing Director

Damian Langley, Sales & Applications Engineer

Rico Gong, Sales & Applications Engineer

Michelle Saddick, Office Manager

Belinda Tupou, Marketing Manager