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Wilson® VH1150 Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

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The Wilson VH1150 macro vickers hardness tester represents the pinnacle in the evolution of deadweight Vickers hardness testers, offering a unique load range from 300gf to 50kgf integrated into a single machine. The elimination of a cumbersome manual selector knob is achieved through automatic load selection, ushering in new possibilities for (semi-) automation applications. With features such as multi-scale conversion, shape correction, and USB data export, this Vickers hardness testing machine simplifies the hardness testing process, allowing you to concentrate on effective process control. Experience the comfort and precision characteristic of a higher segment.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Load Selection The manual load selector knob is replaced by a robust motor, ensuring automatic load changes without user intervention. The integration of a fast and silent motorised turret is an integral part of a fully automatic test cycle, requiring just a single push of the start button.

  2. Versatility Designed to meet international standards ISO 6507 and ASTM E384 for Vickers hardness testing. Boasting a segment-leading load range of 0.3 – 50 kgf across ten individual load steps.

  3. Increased Ease of Use with Automation

    • Basic: Gain full control of the Vickers hardness tester, and visualise indentations on your PC screen using the built-in camera and DiaMet software. A robust data management tool facilitates evaluation and storage of your test data.
    • Semi-Automatic: Facilitates the setup of easy traverses for CHD or NHT measurements through its motorised XY-stage, reducing user influence by automatically measuring the indent diagonals.
    • Full-Automatic: Employing a camera, motorised XY-stage, and auto-focus, the fully automatic DiaMet systems can autonomously capture and measure hundreds of indents without operator interference.

The Wilson VH1150 not only streamlines the hardness testing process but also offers a range of automation options to cater to different user preferences and requirements.


Wilson® VH1150 Macro Vickers Hardness Tester Specifications
Load range 0, 3-50kgf
Objectives 4 positions (10x & 20x SWD incl.)
Indenters 1 position, knoop or vickers
LCD 5.7′ LCD with USB out
Test Scales HV0.3 – HV0.5 – HV1 – HV2 – HV3 – HV5 – HV10 – HV20 – HV30 – HV50
HK0.3 – HK0.5 – HK1 – HK2