Water Vapour Permeability Analyser Gravimetric Method W303 2.0 - Hylec Controls
Water Vapour Permeability Analyser Gravimetric Method W303 2.0 - Hylec Controls

Water Vapour Permeability Analyser Gravimetric Method W303 2.0

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The W303 WVTR tester is meticulously designed and crafted based on the weight method (weight reduction) test principle, conforming to standards such as GB/T 1037 and ASTM E96. This precision instrument is adept at measuring the water permeability performance of films, sheets, papers, and packaging materials across various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, daily chemicals, and photovoltaic electronics. Offering a wide range and high-efficiency water vapour transmittance detection, it caters to the testing needs of high, medium, and low water vapour barrier materials.

Test Principle Distilled water is added to a dry, clean test dish, and the dish, sealed by a pre-processed sample, is placed into the test chamber. By controlling temperature and humidity, the distilled water in the test dish evaporates, and the evaporated water vapour is absorbed by the drying device through the film. By measuring the decreasing weight change of distilled water in the test dish over time, parameters such as water vapour permeability of the sample are obtained.

Standards GB/T 1037, GB/T 16928, ASTM E96/E96M, ASTM D1653, TAPPI T464, ISO 2528, DIN 53122-1, JIS Z0208, YBB 00092003

Technical Parameters

  • Test Range: 0.1~10000 g/(m2·24h)
  • Test Precision: 0.0001 g/(m2·24h)
  • Temperature Range: 15~55℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Humidity Range: ≤10%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: ±2%RH
  • Test Area: 50.24 cm2
  • Sample Size: Φ90 mm
  • Sample Thickness: ≤3mm
  • Number of Test Samples: 3 pieces
  • Power: 1300 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz

Product Features

  • High-precision load cell equipped for efficient weighing, stability and resolution up to 0.0001 g/(m2·24h).
  • Temperature control using a semiconductor stabiliser with an accuracy of 0.1 ℃.
  • Three chambers with independent data, providing high throughput testing and high testing efficiency.
  • Wide measuring range (0.1~10000 g/(m2·24h)) suitable for high, medium, and low barrier materials.
  • Exquisite 3D printed shell design, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Automatic operation, one-key test, automatic judgment, and automatic shutdown.
  • Real-time display of four groups of curves (transmittance-time, temperature-time, humidity-time, weight-time) with preview hiding function.
  • Intelligent operating system developed in-house, meeting GMP requirements for data traceability.
  • Professional calibration service ensuring accurate and reliable data.


  • Films: Water vapour permeability tests of various plastic films, composite films, degradable packaging films, etc.
  • Sheet: Water vapour permeability tests of solid pharmaceutical hard sheets, metal composite sheets, rubber sheets, etc.
  • Paper, Cardboard: Water vapour permeability tests of coated paper, cigarette aluminised paper, etc.
  • Medicinal Patches: Water vapour permeability tests of medical plaster for treatment.
  • Package: Customisable fixtures for pharmaceutical polyethylene bottles, sealed bags, plastic trays, etc.