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Vertical Heat Seal Tester GBB-C

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Introducing the GBB-C Vertical Heat Seal Tester by Hylec Controls, a precision instrument designed to accurately measure critical heat-sealing parameters such as temperature, time, and pressure for plastic packaging vertical bags, paper-plastic composite vertical bags, and metal composite vertical bags(boxes). Recognising that different materials exhibit distinct heat-sealing performances, our tester ensures precise determination of optimal heat-sealing conditions through a comprehensive analysis of their performance parameters.

Testing Principle Place the sample on the lower tray, adjust the height, set sealing temperature, time, and pressure, and initiate the instrument. In manual mode, step on the foot switch for heat-sealing, while automatic mode ensures repeated heat-sealing based on the set time.

Standards Compliant with ASTM F 2029.


  • Temperature Range: Room temperature~250℃
  • Temperature Precision: ±1℃
  • Seal Time Range: 0.1s~99.99h
  • Pressure Range: (0~1) MPa
  • Heat Seal Area: Upper and lower sealing knife 300×5.5 mm, slide lower bar has a silicone pad as a buffer
  • Heat Seal Method: Two ways – automatic or manual, external air cylinder
  • Air Supply: Compressed air
  • Instrument Size: 730(L) mm×400(B) mm×535(H) mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50Hz


  1. High-Progress Imported Quality Sensor Utilises an original imported temperature sensor with a wide temperature control range, high sensitivity, and a temperature control accuracy of ±1 ℃, ensuring ultra-high stability and an ultra-low failure rate.

  2. Independent Control of Heat Sealing Temperature Equipped with a temperature sensor at the rear of the heat-sealing knife, providing independent and separate temperature control for the inner and outer sealing knives.

  3. Personalised Test Selection Allows free selection between manual and automatic testing. The automatic mode saves time and ensures convenient repeatability, while the manual mode, equipped with a foot switch, offers easy and safe operation.

  4. New Air Drive System The drive system, comprising a pressure gauge, a pressure regulating valve, and a cylinder, ensures accurate air pressure adjustment, locking, and pneumatic-driven heat-sealing clamp operation for convenience and efficiency.

  5. Wider Range of Customised Services The heat-sealing knife's anti-sticking function can be upgraded as needed, providing an enhanced user experience for determining the best heat-sealing conditions. Customisation options include the shape, size, and smoothness of the sealing knife heat cover to meet diverse scientific research needs.


  • Plastic Stand-Up Pouch
  • Paper-Plastic Stand-Up Pouch
  • Aluminised Stand-Up Pouch
  • Milk Boxes

Elevate your heat-sealing analysis with the GBB-C Vertical Heat Seal Tester, offering advanced features and customisation for a wide range of packaging materials. Trust Hylec Controls for innovative testing solutions.