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Vertex Compression Testing Machine SDP 750

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Vertex Compression Testing Machine SDP 750

Vertex compression testing with full load testing without impact or blows on tubes and preformed parts made of concrete, steel-fibre concrete and reinforced concrete with test frames specially designed for the purpose. The trend for low wall thicknesses with simultaneously high loads means that the components have to fulfil extreme requirements with regard to load capacity and density. The test software evaluates the test results and creates all the necessary standard-specific test reports. The vertex compression force can also be determined at any time on other types of materials using the available systems.

Application Range

  • vertex pressure test with the full test force without impact or shock
  • testing to nominal load, crack load, or up to specimen failure


  • optional from 100 to 1500 kN


  • DIN EN 1916
  • DIN V 1201
  • EN 253


  • pipes and fittings made of concrete, steel fibre concrete and reinforced concrete
  • synthetic pipes for the sewage industry

Test Facilities

  • manufacturers of pipes and shaft components
  • sewage industry
  • testing institutes


  • stable load frame made of profile steel
  • stepless adjustment of the cross head
  • lower supports
  • upper pressure cutting edge with absolute free play bearing without affecting the tilting movement
  • drive-in carriage for specimen transport into the test area

Drive & Control

  • AS-C20-N drive station for continuous load increase

Options / Accessories

  • v-prism bearing
  • bending device
  • pressure device
  • electronic piston stroke measuring and control equipment
  • testing software "PROTEUS" - with module for peak pressure testing