Vacuum Decay Leak Detection Tester AUTO GBM-L2 - Hylec Controls

Vacuum Decay Leak Detection Tester AUTO GBM-L2

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Introducing the AUTO GBM-L2 Dual-Pressure Methods Vacuum Decay Leak Detection Tester from Hylec Controls – an advanced solution for detecting micro-leakage in various packaging systems. This cutting-edge tester employs both vacuum decay and pressure decay methods, providing unparalleled accuracy in identifying leaks in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industry packaging.

Test Principle: The AUTO GBM-L2 utilises the vacuum decay method and pressure decay method to detect micro-leakage in finished packaging. The instrument evacuates the test chamber, forming a pressure difference inside and outside the sample. Gas/liquid from the sample enters the chamber through the leak hole, monitored by absolute and differential pressure sensors. The pressure decay method involves filling the chamber with predetermined air pressure, detecting pressure changes to determine sample leakage.

Standards: Compliant with ASTM F2338-2009(2013), YY-T 0681.18-2020, USP<1207.2>, ASTM F2095.


  • Absolute Pressure Test Range: (0~300) kPa
  • Differential Pressure Test Range: (-2~2) kPa
  • Detection Sensitivity: 1~3 μm
  • Balance/Test Time: 1~3600 s
  • Vacuum Time: 1~3600 s
  • Set Flow Rate: 0~3 mL/min
  • Test System: Dual Sensor Technology / Dual Cycle Test
  • Test Chamber: Customised according to samples
  • Suitable for: Vials, ampoules, prefilled needles, infusion bottles/bags, etc.


  1. Dual-Pressure Methods: Solves testing difficulties with vacuum and pressure decay, preventing misjudgment in freeze-dried powder injections.

  2. High Sensitivity and Repeatability: Detection sensitivity as low as 1 μm, test repeatability as low as 0.8%, ensuring stable performance and accurate results.

  3. Premium Accessories: Imported vacuum pump and gas mass flow controller with excellent performance and precision.

  4. Intelligent Operation: Large size touch screen for easy and intelligent operation, equipped with a micro-printer, USB data interface, and PC software support.

  5. Customisation: Supports personalised customisation for different samples and nesting modes for shared test chambers.

Application: Ideal for various samples, including freeze-dried powder injections, prefilled needles, eye drops, plastic ampoules, BFS, and infusion bags.

Choose Hylec Controls for a sophisticated leak detection solution with advanced features and unmatched precision.