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Universal Testing Machine UP 500 AK-2DH

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Introducing the Universal Testing Machine UP 500 AK-2DH, specifically designed for high-stress, hot-running components where cyclical loads are critical. This machine is essential for determining material parameters for viscoplastic material models, crucial for predicting lifetime under such conditions.

Key Features

  • Ideal for material and component tests, research and development, and quality control.
  • Applicable in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and universities.

Test Fields

  • Suitable for static test forces of ±630 kN and dynamic test forces of ±500 kN.
  • Other sizes or test loads available upon request.


  • Class 0.5 according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1.


  • Compatible with standard samples.


  • Features a universal test frame UP 500 AK-2DH with an active hydraulically clamped crosshead and hydraulic adjustment.
  • Includes a single test cylinder EPZ-H 630, cooling adapter with independent cooling, DIGIMAXX C2000 digital controller, and pump unit PA 100-280 bar WKN.
  • Equipped with a climatic chamber up to 600 °C.
  • Special feature includes an adapted large test space with a lower crosshead serving as a T-slot plate.


  • Further software modules available for standard tests, such as fracture mechanic tests.
  • High temperature specimen grips, extensometers, and alignment device.

The Universal Testing Machine UP 500 AK-2DH from FORM + TEST is a reliable and efficient solution for demanding testing needs, offering precise results and versatility for a wide range of applications.