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Universal Testing Machine UP 50 HK-2DH

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Introducing the Universal Testing Machine UP 50 HK-2DH, a versatile system for static and dynamic testing. This machine is designed for a range of tests including tensile, compression, and bending tests, as well as fatigue testing, and can be operated in force-, distance-, and deformation-controlled modes.

Key Features

  • Suitable for static and dynamic testing, including tensile, compression, and bending tests.
  • Capable of fatigue testing and force-, distance-, and deformation-controlled testing.


  • Compliant with DIN EN 1062-7 for coating materials and systems on mineral substrates and concrete in outdoor areas, particularly for determining crack bridging characteristics.
  • Meets DIN EN 14224 for sealing systems on concrete bridges and other traffic areas made of concrete, specifically for determining crack bridging ability.


  • Class 1 according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1.


  • Includes individual test cylinder EPZ-H 50.
  • Features a load sensor with a thermic dividing plate.
  • Equipped with a hydraulically adjustable cross-head and a holder for hydraulic installation.
  • Comes with a T-slot table and a climate chamber.
  • Includes hydraulic parallel grip heads for a temperature range from -40°C up to +200°C.
  • Features an inductive displacement transducer suitable for operation in the climate chamber.
  • Comes with a digital control system and universal test software.
  • Includes a safety enclosure according to the EC machinery directive.

The Universal Testing Machine UP 50 HK-2DH offers a comprehensive solution for a variety of testing needs, ensuring accurate and reliable results in compliance with industry standards.