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Universal Testing Machine UP 160 S

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Introducing the Universal Testing Machine UP 160 S, a versatile test frame with a maximum load of 160 kN, ideal for testing structural elements and components.

Key Features

  • T-slots plate for easy mounting and adjustment of specimens.
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable crosshead for quick adjustment to different height requirements.
  • DigiMaxx® C1000 control system for easy configuration and recall of test sequences, enabling quick processing of tests.


  • Static and dynamic testing for tensile, compression, and bending tests.
  • Suitable for variable, individually composed tests, fatigue testing, and operating load simulations.
  • Ideal for components testing.


  • Multiaxial expansion possible.
  • Height-adjustable cross-head.
  • Test cylinder EPZ-H with hydrostatic bearing.
  • Multi-channel, real-time capable controller DigiMaxx C1000.
  • User-friendly, simple menu navigation (option: user-specific).
  • Remote control by joystick in set-up operation.


  • Remote view.
  • User-specific software.

The Universal Testing Machine UP 160 S is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of testing needs, offering precise results and versatility for various applications in structural testing.