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Universal Testing Machine UP 100 AK-2DH

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Introducing the Universal Testing Machine UP 100 AK-2DH, a dynamic testing solution designed for components subject to instationary loading at high temperatures. Understanding fatigue strength alongside creep behavior is essential, requiring suitable tests under operating conditions. The UP 100 AK-2DH, equipped with a high-temperature furnace, sample holders made of nickel-based alloys, and a high-temperature extensometer, ensures precise testing.

Key Features

  • Ideal for material and component tests, research and development, and quality control.
  • Applicable in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and universities.

Test Fields

  • Suitable for static test forces of ±100 kN and dynamic test forces of ±80 kN.
  • Other sizes or test forces available upon request.


  • Class 0.5 according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1.


  • Compatible with standard samples.


  • Features a universal test frame UP 100-AK-2DH with an active hydraulically clamped crosshead and hydraulic adjustment.
  • Includes a single test cylinder EPZ-H 100, cooling adapter with independent cooling, DIGIMAXX C2000 digital controller, and pump unit PA 9-280 bar WKN with sound protection.
  • Equipped with a high-temperature furnace up to 1200 °C, high-temperature specimen grips, extensometers, and an alignment device.


  • Further software modules available for standard tests, such as fracture mechanic tests.

The Universal Testing Machine UP 100 AK-2DH from FORM + TEST is a reliable and efficient solution for dynamic testing at high temperatures, offering precise results and versatility for a wide range of applications.