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Universal Test Machine UP 600 PK-2

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Universal Test Machine UP 600 PK-2

Due to their modular design, servo-hydraulic testing machines are used for the universal execution of tests with very different test requirements and specimen dimensions. The series is designed for the latest materials and component testing technology. Due to their design there are various possibilities, which can be realized by fast conversions. Flexible special solutions for special testing tasks are quickly designed by our own development department and manufactured in-house.

ertical, servo-hydraulic testing machine for static and dynamic applications

Range of application:

  • Precise, reproducible, demanding inspection tasks
  • Material and component testing
  • research and development
  • quality inspection


  • for a variety of different applications due to the flexible design
  • universal static, quasistatic, dynamic TENSION, PRESSURE and BENDING TEST according to accessories
  • vertical and horizontal load arrangement is possible
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics tests are selected and offered from the wide range of possibilities for this series, depending on the customer's applications and test procedures. 

Test setups:

  • universal test frame UP 600 PK-2
  • hydraulically height-adjustable crosshead with passive
  • with anti-rotation device, hydraulic parallel clamping heads,
  • Vibration-insulated, air-suspended bearing of the T-slot plate
  • hose rack
  • Single test cylinder EPZ-H 600
  • Hydraulic power unit PA series