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Universal Test Machine UP 1000

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Introducing the Universal Test Machine UP 1000, designed for universal compression tests with a wide range of applications and capabilities.

Key Features

  • Ideal for pressure tests with suitable accessories.
  • Suitable for testing attachments and covers for traffic areas.
  • Offers force, displacement, or deformation control, depending on the configuration, in the closed control loop of the servo hydraulics.


  • Test frame designed for very flexible compression tests with a wide variety of superstructures.
  • High stiffness and absolute alignment accuracy ensure high measurement accuracy and reproducibility of results.
  • Offers high flexibility in adaptation and fixation options due to single-room design with good accessibility.
  • Features servo-hydraulically controlled low-friction test cylinder with force transducer for accurate and precise test control and evaluation.


  • Drive station for automatic force control in a closed servo-hydraulic control loop.
  • PROTEUS test software for simple test control and evaluation.
  • Transverse head adjustment via industrial crane, test cylinder, or optional hydraulic adjustment.

The Universal Test Machine UP 1000 is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of compression testing needs, offering precise results and versatility for various applications.