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TSE-A series single column (0.5~5kN)

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TSE-A series single column (0.5~5kN)

This series addresses &; the needs of standardised and routine testing, providing the user high &; quality at the most affordable price. The single column testing systems are &; suited for tension and/or compression applications where tests are less than &; 5 kN and lab space is limited. They are typically used for quality control &; and production testing.

  • Small components, &; reinforced plastics, metals, wire, composites, elastomers, wood products, &; textiles, biomaterials, paper products, adhesives, foam, consumer products.
  • Robust &; linear motion guide increases lateral stiffness and ensure linear crosshead & ; travel. This results in accurate crosshead alignment thus reducing &; variability in measurement data and producing better overall accuracy.
  • Imported &; servo motor with precise planet-gear speed reducer provides higher driving &; efficiency, low noise and free of maintenance. No need replace lubricates &; which has longer working life & design saves lab space.
  • Pre-loaded ball screws and heavy duty bearings assure &; long life with zero backlash as well as linear low force and through zero &; performance. The result is accurate and repeatable measurements that truly &; represent the specimen characteristics rather than load frame deficiencies
  • Fully-protected lead screw covers provide longer life &; and greater operator protection
  • High-speed, low vibration, world-class, &; maintenance-free, AC servo motor and servo controller
  • Photoelectrical encoder built in servo motor system is &; for position measurement of crosshead
  • Built-in bidirectional load cell is assembled in the &; middle crosshead to prevent any collisions and simple to perform compression &; or tension tests
  • Dual action over-travel limits on all frames provide the &; highest level of safety and meet all international standards
  • Remote control keypad facilitates test operation
  • Full one-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Free software upgrading
  • High- &; precision USA-made Interface load cell offers high stiffness, high stability, &; and high linearity
  • Over-load &; protection, lateral loading protection
  • Bi-direction &; allows tension and compression test


TSE503, TSE203, TSE103, TSE502


Type A, single column


5kN, 2kN, 1kN, 0.5kN

Calibration standard

ISO 7500, Class 0.5

Force range

0.4% ~ 100%FS

Force accuracy

0.5% of reading

Force resolution


Position accuracy

0.5% of reading

Position resolution


Crosshead speed

0.001 ~ 500mm/min

Crosshead speed accuracy

±0.5% of set speed

Crosshead travel (without grip)


Distance from loading center to dust   cover



568(W)×563(D)×1650(H) mm

Power requirement

Single-phase, 220±10% VAC, 50/60Hz, 400W