TF-B80-500W Industrial Ultra-Low Freezer

TF-B80-500W Industrial Ultra-Low Freezer

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Our ultra-low temperature freezer series, also known as an ultra-low refrigerating cabinet or ultra-low temperature storage box, is widely utilised across various fields.


Its applications include scientific research institutions, electronic and chemical enterprise laboratories, blood banks, hospitals, epidemic stations, and the livestock system.


It is ideal for storing medicines, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, blood cells, sperm, transplant skin, human samples, genes of different seeds, cloning genes, vital biological and chemical reagents, competent Escherichia coli, competent cells, and phages.


Main Features:

·         User-Friendly Design: Easy to operate, with all components safely grounded.

·         Large Volume and Capacity: Designed to accommodate large volumes and weights.

·         Optimal Environment: Best suited for mechanical product manufacturing shops.

·         Superior Refrigeration: Large condensation ensures excellent refrigeration performance.

·         Micro-Computer Control: Temperature controller with 0.1 precision, adjustable from -20 to -125 LED Display: Displays both inner and set temperatures, with alarms for ultra-low temperatures or equipment malfunctions.

·         Advanced Compressor Technology: Utilizes binary refrigeration technology with Tecumseh, GEA, and Bitzer compressors.

·         Enhanced Insulation: Features triple sealing, mold thermal layer, polyurethane foam insulator, and vacuum insulating plates for superior insulation.

·         Adjustable Compressor Control: Temperature difference for starting and stopping the compressor can be controlled.

·         Reliable Performance: Functions stably under multiple protective measures.

·         Comprehensive Alarm Systems: Includes ultra-low temperature, sensor, high-pressure, and overheating alarms.

·         Safety Mechanisms: Equipped with overload protection, high-pressure switch, overload relay, and thermal protection devices.

·         Customisable: Sizes can be tailored to user requirements, with ultra-low refrigerating chambers available up to 100 cubic meters.

·         Optional Accessories: Colored touch screen and temperature recorder available.

·         Tailored Design: Customisable according to the customer's practical requirements.


Application Scope:

·         Experimental Testing: Suitable for various experiments testing material and component performance under ultra-low temperatures.

·         Material Refrigeration: Used to refrigerate metallic materials, refine crystalline structures, eliminate internal stress, and increase hardness, tenacity, and overall mechanical properties.

·         Precise Installation: Can be installed precisely without heating, adaptable to different environments.

·         Component Testing: Tests performance, lifespan, and reliability of components and complete machines in ultra-low temperatures.

·         Food and Fishery Industry: Ideal for refrigerating large quantities of products in the food and fishery industries.


TF-B80-500W Large scale industrial ultra-low freezer

  • Volume: 500L
  • Temperature range: -80~-20
  • Load capacity: 1000kg
  • Cooling type: air-cooling
  • Refrigeration mode: Two refrigerant cascade or auto-cascade
  • Refrigerant: R404A+R23
  • Inner dimensions (LxWxH): 1000 x 750 x 700
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 3500 x 1150 x 1250
  • Open mode: cylinder top door opening
  • Temperature accuracy: ±2
  • Temperature uniformity: ±3
  • Temperature sensor: PT100, ±100
  • Protection: Phase-sequence, over-load, over-current, high-pressure, low-pressure
  • Power supply: Three-phase, five lines, 380V 50HZ