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Test Sample Injection Moulding Apparatus

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Test Sample Injection Moulding Apparatus

The Test Sample Moulding Apparatus has been specifically designed to produce colour plaques, tensile & impact test specimens for mechanical testing.

The Ray-Ran Test Sample Injection Moulding Press has been specifically designed to produce a wide variety of laboratory test samples such as colour plaques, tensile and impact test specimens as well as small components required for mechanical testing procedures. The unique low cost moulding machine has a compact design for vertical bench mounting making the apparatus ideal for Research and Development Institutes, Universities, laboratories and small workshops. The apparatus is pneumatically operated with inlet air pressures up to 10 bar (150 psi) which is adequate for moulding most materials including Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PET with injection pressures up to 450 bar (6500 psi).

Digital temperature control up to 400 deg C melts the polymer which is then extruded into the mould. Digital tool block heating is included for more efficient polymer flow into the mould with temperatures up to 200 deg C to prevent freezing.The apparatus is supplied with a quick release cam operated tool block which will accept low cost tool inserts machined to any shape that will fit within the Standard Tool Block parameters. This makes the apparatus ideal if different samples are required from the same material with minimal wastage and time. Tool Inserts to suit any International Standard, e.g. ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS, etc., can be supplied for tensile dumbbells, colour plaques, impact bars, etc.


  • Weight:  55 kg

  • Dimensions:  520x360x1110 mm (WxDxH)

  • Power:  110-240VAC, 50-60hz

  • Display:  Digital Temperature Controllers

  • Air Pressure:  10 bar / 145 psi