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Test Frame PR 630 S

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Introducing the Test Frame PR 630 S, designed for static and dynamic extraction trials in various orientations, including vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, using tubular piston cylinders along with suitable assembly and accessories.

Key Features

  • Suitable for static and dynamic extraction trials.
  • Compatible with tubular piston cylinders for different orientations.

Standard Compliance

  • EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Approvals)
  • ETAG (European Technical Approval Guidelines)


  • Available in a range of testing strengths from 5 kN to 2000 kN, as per requirements.

Options and Accessories

  • Measuring and controlling electronics for test cylinder control.
  • Pump aggregate for pressure lubrication of test cylinders.
  • Test software for controlling the test process and evaluating results.

The Test Frame PR 630 S offers a versatile solution for a range of extraction trials, providing precise control and reliable results for various applications.