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Tearing Tester "Elmendorf method"

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The tearing tester is used for determinig the Tearing Resistance of Paper and Board. According to the standards: ISO 6383-2 - DIN EN ISO UNE 1974 - ASTM D 1922 - ASTM D 1424 - TAPPI T414 - DIN EN ISO UNE 13937.

Standard Features:

  • Computer controlled tester
  • Included Software, desktop PC with Windows O.S.
  • Fast and easy data acquisition
  • Pneumatic clamping and release device of the sample
  • Integrated sample cutter
  • Tearing range is easy to change
  • Selectable capacities of the pendulum
  • Assistant system of horizontal adjustment by compuetr
  • Computer controls test, multifond units display
  • Easy to operate
  • The testers is supplied with one of both Basic pendulum to choose
  • Compatible with the Integral Managemennt System LYNX