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Super Anchor Test

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Super Heavy Duty Anchor Test

Introducing our Super Heavy Duty Anchor Test - the ultimate solution for testing the strength and durability of anchors. With a maximum force of up to 32,600 lbs. (145 kN), this test can handle even the most demanding applications.

The load application is achieved via a ratchet handle driving a 4:1 hydraulic multiplier, which is lighter and more convenient to use than separate hydraulic pump and ram arrangements. The applied load is recorded directly on a gauge mounted on the tester body, with a gauge division of either 1000 lbs. (5.0 kN) or 2000 lbs. (10 kN) depending on the heavy-duty model chosen.

But that's not all - this anchor test also features an integral movement indication, allowing the identification of the "First Movement" as well as the total displacement before failure. This makes it easier to analyze the strength and integrity of the anchor being tested.

Whether you're in construction, engineering, or any other field that requires secure anchoring, the Super Heavy Duty Anchor Test is a reliable and efficient tool for testing the strength and durability of your anchors.