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Subsidiary Shock Test System

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Subsidiary Shock Test System

The Subsidiary Shock Test System (SSTS) is able to reproduce the entire acceleration time-history resulting from detonation of the test charge as described in MIL-S-901D. This includes the initial shock pulse from the detonation and the “bubble pulse” that follows in approximately 650 msec.


The MIL-S-901D specification involves mandatory shock testing procedures for shipboard machinery, systems, structures, and equipment, excluding pressure hull penetrations on submarines. The purpose of these specifications is to confirm the ability of shipboard equipment to endure shock vibrations that might incur during wartime operations due to the results of nuclear or conventional weapons.


  • Some of the highlighted features of the SSTS include the following:

    • Replication of Measured Environment Required by MIL-S-901D
    • High Force Capability According to Your Requirements
    • Velocity of 120 ips (3.07 m/sec)
    • Team Customised HDRS Software
    • Reliable Voice Coil Driven Team Servohydraulic Actuator
    • Assembled as Single Integrated Vertical / Horizontal System
    • Available as Separated Vertical / Horizontal System


    • Applications of the SSTS include but are not limited to:

      • MIL-S-901D Testing of COTS Equipment
      • NAVSEA UERD Electronics Development and Qualification