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Steel structure analyser KRC-M2 (Coercive force meter)

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Introducing the Steel Structure Analyser KRC-M2 – a cutting-edge device designed for measuring the coercive force of metal products in accordance with IEC 60404-7. This analyser is utilised for non-destructive testing of chemical-thermal, thermal, and thermomechanical treatments, as well as for evaluating mechanical properties and residual stresses.

The Steel Structure Analyser is widely used for determining mechanical properties, measuring the hardness of metal products, and conducting measurements on ferromagnetic alloys while considering correlations between various parameters. Additionally, this device is employed for testing the surface layer of ferromagnetic materials to grade metals in different steel grades.

The KRC-M2 Steel Structure Analyser features an electromagnet transmitter with an integrated Hall sensor and removable pole tips. The device operates based on the following principle: the tested object is initially magnetised, followed by progressive demagnetisation through increasing the magnetic field. The intensity of the magnetic field is then measured in accordance with the coercive force of the material being tested, along with the amplitude of signals from the Hall sensor.

The Steel Structure Analyser KRC-M2 finds extensive use in analysing the stress-strain state and residual life of various structures, including pipelines, elevators, cranes, lifts, pressure vessels, and steel cables in bridges. It is also widely employed in the engineering and metallurgical industries.

With its advanced features and accurate measurements, the Steel Structure Analyser KRC-M2 is a reliable tool for assessing the quality, properties, and integrity of metal products in a variety of applications and industries.

Standard modes Measurement of coercive force
Current measurement
Code measurement (units)
Additional scale for calibration
 The measuring range of the coercive force, А/сm (А/m)  1-40,0  (100-4000)
 Measurement cycle, seconds, not more  5
 Magnetize  pulse
 Additional scale for calibration  7
 Power Li-Ion battery
 Battery life, h, not less  8
 Dimensions of the electronic unit, mm  270x230x70
 Dimensions of the probe, mm  200x170x70