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Smoothness and Porosity Meter "GURLEY"

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The Smoothness and Porosity Meters are used to measure accurately the Smoothness & Air Permeability (or Porosity) of paper and paperboard samples.

According to Standards: ISO 5636/5 - TAPPI T-460 - TAPPI T536 - ASTM D-726 - ASTM D-202 - APPITA/AS 1301-420 - BS 5926 - CPPA D-14 - SCAN P-19 - SCAN P-53.

The Model 4340 differs from the traditional manual densometers in several ways.

  1. The Model 4340 utilizes the latest mass flow and servo-regulator technology to provide a quick, accurate test that is oil-free.
  2. Second, pneumatic cylinders insure both a consistent clamping pressure as well as an automatic test feature; which allows the user to test a sample several times without constantly opening and closing the test area by hand.
  3. With the addition of an auto-drive mechanism, the user can program the number tests as well as the span they are tested over. Therefore, a sheet or strip of paper can be analyzed automatically, with output in either Gurley seconds, Sheffield, Bendsten or Bekk equivalent seconds.

Standard Features:

  • Automatic and manuel test mode
  • Output units: BEKK - BENDTSEN - GURLEY - SHEFIELD.
  • Choice of various volumes of air
  • Automatic calculation of Medium values of Standard Desviations
  • Not require use of oil
  • Pneumatic operation
  • RS-232 output
  • Compatible with the Integral Managemennt System LYNX