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Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 100kN

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The Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine – 100 kN is a versatile universal testing machine designed and developed with the testing of pavement construction materials in mind.

Accurate waveforms are digitally generated by our next generation cDAC controller and applied by the actuator, producing repeatable conditions that are simulative of those created by moving or static vehicles. The actuator is double acting allowing both compressive and tensile forces to be applied to the specimen. Various systems are available for the measurement of the modulus of unbound materials. The optional programmable temperature controlled cabinet (TCC) provides the possibility to perform frequency/ temperature sweeps.


  • EN 12697-24 Annex E
  • EN12697-25 Method A and B
  • EN 12697-26 Annex C and E
  • ASTM D4123
  • ASTM D7369
  • ASTM D7313
  • ASTM D8044
  • AASHTO TP 105
  • AASHTO TP124
  • AASHTO T307
  • AASHTO T322
  • AASHTO T342
  • NCHRP 9-19

Key Features

  • Hydraulically adjustable crosshead and crosshead clamping (Moving Head version only)
  • Double rod, equal area, fatigue rated actuator
  • Direct coupled Star Hydraulics servo-valve with ‘Sapphire Technology’
  • Direct coupled hydraulic safety block
  • Axially mounted LVDT integral to the actuator
  • Controlled with our next generation cDAC controller and flagship Dimension software (ask for detailed datasheet)
  • Optional TCC is fully removable to allow increased daylight for testing large temperature independent specimens
  • Optional TCC setpoint can be controlled directly from our Dimension software allowing the temperature to be varied throughout the test
  • Issued with UKAS accredited certificate of calibration for EN 12697-24; EN 12697-25, EN 12697-26


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Maximum Load 100 – 130 kN
Load Transducer 100 – 130 kN
Actuator Stroke mm 100
Frequency Hz 0 to 100
Electrical Supply¹ Hydraulic power unit: 415 Volts, 50 Hz, three phase as standard
TCC: 240 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase as standard. Control Unit: Universal input 110/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz
Compressed Air 7 bar @ 100 L/min
For accessories only
Dimension mm (W x D x H) TM & Cabinet: 1150 x 1200 x 2750
Power Pack: 700 x 940 x 1110
Working space required 1m clearance at front and sides
Weight (approx.) Kg UTM & Cabinet: 600
TCC: 200
Power Pack: 180
PC Included


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