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Servo Hydraulic Compression Test Machine with Modulus Of Elasticity

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Servo Hydraulic Compression Test Machine with Modulus Of Elasticity

A compression test determines behavior of materials under crushing loads. The specimen is compressed and deformation at various loads is recorded. There are two types of frame in available as 4- Columns type or Wall type.

Hydraulic Compression Test Machine with Instant-Servo Technology (introduced by Besmak) has a closed - loop PID control system, it means this machine works automatically.

Available in capacities of 1000kN, 2000kN and 3000kN, (contact us for other required capacities)

4-Column Frame; every column has 4 screws to adjust the frame for perfect calibration. Upper platen is ball seat unit and lower platen is constant.

It has a limit-switch attached to the front door of the machine for safety (when the door is opened machine stops working) (optional).

The controller unit supports the loading force from 0.05kN/sec. to 20kN/sec. It can also perform unloading of force with same 0.05kN/sec. to 20kN/sec pace rate.

At the end of the test process to start a new test the piston returns to default position.

Controller unit has a simple and compact configuration.

Software provides test data, results, and the load-time/stress-time graphs can be seen at LCD screen and also can be saved or not according to requirement with an specific name at the end of the test.

General Features of Data Acquisition and Control System:

  • Capacitive touch screen.
  • USB port to get results directly from LCD without use of pc.
  • Accurate loading with high accuracy.
  • User can attach internet modem directly to LCD controller through LAN cable.
  • User can email results directly from LCD by using internet.
  • User can update test software by using internet.
  • LCD has Linux based test software.
  • 24/7 Remote help available from turkey.
  • 4 channels.
  • Automatic calibration and adjustment up-to 12 points.
  • 1000Hz (1kH) data acquisition speed of each channel.
  • Closed loop PID and open loop control option is available.
  • Results in pdf and can be converted in Excel.
  • LCD controller has 4GB built-in data storage space and supports up-to 32GB.
  • All type of printers can be attached directly to LCD without PC. And user can take print out of results.
  • LCD controller also supports mini printer. (Optional)
  • User friendly, easy to customized.
  • Communication with PC through LAN cable. Etc.