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Servo Hydraulic Bending Testing Machine

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Servo Hydraulic Bending Testing Machine

Flexural testers allow to get the best results from test measurements, allowing to see ideal test performance and evaluation options. Strength test of Concrete Beams and curbs, splitting test of paving stone and also 3 or 4 point loading tests can be done.

Bending stems can be used in a wide range. The body combines the hydraulic piston and top plate with a spherical seat. It is suitable for attaching different sizes of loading supports for various samples to the upper and lower plates. Housings can be separated from the hydraulic unit and connected to any unit in the laboratory.


  • The device can perform 3 and 4 point tests in accordance with EN 14651, TS EN 12390-5, EN 1339, EN 1343-44 and ASTM C-78 and C-293 standards.
  • The movement system of the device is digitally controlled by load and deformation with hydraulic, servo valve.
  • It has a rigid structure with 4 columns.
  • Distance between columns is 1220 mm, width is 260 mm.
  • Upper and lower supports can be changed in accordance with 3 and 4 point tests and the distance between them can be adjusted according to the sample.
  • The lower bearings are 40 mm in diameter and 510 mm in length.
  • They can be adjusted between 100 and 900 mm.
  • Top bearings suitable for 4-point tests are 40 mm in diameter and 300 mm in length.
  • They can be adjusted between 100 and 300 mm.
  • It has a two-way piston.
  • The maximum working pressure is 192 Bar.
  • The piston stroke is 300 mm.
  • The test area height is 300 mm.
  • The crack opening is measured with the CMOD (crack mouth opening displacement) sensor.
  • Load measurement is made with the load cell on the body, and the loading sensitivity is 0.5 class according to TS EN ISO 7500-1.
  • The measurement precision is 0.01 KN.
  • The loading speed can be adjusted between 0.01 KN/s and 100 KN/s.
  • The device has the feature of waiting under load (retardation) during the test, and the speed of coming to the desired load and the waiting time under load can be changed as desired.
  • Servo - Hydraulic Unit is independent from the body.
  • Servo valve is Moog brand which is originated in America and produced in Germany.
  • The control system of the device is German DOLI brand and can be provided both from the Digital LCD control unit and from the computer with DOLI Test&Motion software.
  • The Doli Control Unit is the ultimate controller used in testing machines.
  • Load reset correction can be made before starting the test.
  • With the advanced calculation function, different sample sizes can be selected and tests can be performed according to the selected sample sizes.
  • At the end of the test, the results can be read automatically on the screen or on the computer with the software interface.
  • The test results can be printed as a report and saved on the computer.
  • There is no limit to the test results that can be stored.
  • The operating voltage of the device is 380 V AC three-phase.