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Servo Electromechanical Fatigue Test Machine

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Servo Electromechanical Fatigue Test Machine

Designed for different fatigue tests on different materials like plastic, rubber, steel, fibre etc. with high frequency and high accuracy.

Fatigue test system can be used for steel, plastic, medical, automobile, furniture and many more sectors.

Technical specifications:

  • Doli dynamic controller; 5kHz data acquisition (Made in Germany ) or Moog test controller;10 kHz data acquisition(Made in Germany)
  • Doli LCD remote control console with emergency stop button
  • Doli Test&Motion Software with DynaPack or Moog Test Software for all dynamic tests
  • Fatigue-Rated load cell accuracy class ±0.5%
  • Non-contact (Made in Germany) position sensor, accuracy 0.001 mm
  • Piston stroke 100 mm(different stroke range available on request)
  • Capacity range; 900N-1100N-1500N (different capacities available on request)
  • Pneumatic and mechanical grips available on request
  • Optional Video-Extensometer up to 4kHz