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Servo Electromagnetic Fatigue Test Machine

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Servo Electromagnetic Fatigue Testing Machines BMT-M series

The motor type determined as a result of years of studies of fatigue testers are linear motors. Linear motors operate without rotating parts. They are preferred in dynamic test systems due to their uncompetitive high dynamics. Linear motors can be produced from 500 N to 2 kN capacities. For example, you can dynamically test a plastic car tailpipe holder at an amplitude of 5 mm and 20 Hz.

Technical specifications:

  • Its dynamic performance is higher than 120 Hz.
  • Fatigue (Dynamic) Load Cell
  • Double acting linear motor available
  • It is designed to perform dynamic testing on various materials and parts.
  • ±1100 N (±1.1 kN) dynamic load capacity
  • Rigid double column body design with dynamic actuator on it
  • Videoextensometer can be connected optionally
  • Optionally, heating cabinet or air-conditioning cabinet can be added to the body.
  • Control unit: DOLI, EDC580 (German origin)
  • Remote Control Console: DOLI, RMC-7 (German origin)
  • Software: DOLI, Test&Motion (German origin)
  • Dynamic Load Cell capacity: 2 kN, Class: 0.5 (US origin)
  • Dynamic Power Capacity: ±1100 N
  • Linear Stroke: 50 mm
  • Power Supply: Three-phase, 380 V
  • Load class : +- 0.5%
  • Elongation control precision: 0.5 μm
  • Area of ​​Use: It has an infrastructure that can be used in the fields of medical, automotive, machinery, aviation, defense industry.
  • Configuration: Diagonal, double-column body design with dynamic actuator on it