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Sample Cutter for Tensile Tester LC-2

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The LC-2 Sample Cutter for Tensile Tester is designed for efficiently cutting samples of diverse materials such as plastic films and paper before conducting stretching, peeling, and heat sealing tests. Its user-friendly operation ensures accurate cuts of samples to meet standard size requirements.


  • Meets the sample-making requirements for Type 2 specimens outlined in standard GB/T 1040.3.
  • Utilises imported tungsten steel finely ground special blades, exhibiting sharpness and durability with a hardness rating of up to 92 HRA.
  • Ensures accurate sample sizes with no damage and smooth, burr-free edges.
  • Features spring tensioning for easy sample fixing and a smooth cutting process.
  • Can cut up to 12 samples in a single pass, facilitating the efficient production of large batches.
  • Incorporates safety protection with an aricotta stopper covering the outer layer of the blade to prevent direct contact.
  • Offers the option to order different sample widths tailored to specific customer requirements.


  • Cut Size: 15 mm×210 mm (Optional width)
  • Number of Samples: 12 pcs (Single Layer)
  • Sample Thickness: ≤ 200 μm
  • Product Size: 250 mm×350 mm×248 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg