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Salt Fog Chambers

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Available in sizes from 9.3 cu. ft. to 2,508 cu. ft., Singleton chambers can be used for Salt Fog, CASS, Humidity, Water Fog and other test methods.

Whether you are new to corrosion testing or have been conducting testing for years, you will find Singleton chambers easy to use and operate. They are designed to provide the accuracy and flexibility necessary to meet today's demanding test methods.


  • Vinyl Lining - Seamless, oven-cured for maximum service life and corrosion resistance
  • See-through acrylic cover optimizes test observation.
  • Microprocessor-based controller two-channel, dual-display for precise chamber and humidifying tower temperature control. Wet and dry bulb temperature displays.
  • Opti-fog® Tower - Internally-baffled fog generator for uniform atmosphere and efficient solution usage.
  • Air Flow Meter - Convenient indication of Opti-fog® performance without waiting hours for collection rates.
  • Level-Matic® Reservoir Assembly Automatically maintains proper solution levels to Opti-fog® and Humidifying Tower.
  • Fully tested and certified prior to shipment.
  • Standard operating temperature of ambient to 120°F/49°C (higher temps optional)