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Rub Tester GX-C2

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The GX-C2 Rub Tester is a precision experimental apparatus is designed for testing the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer in printed materials, the PS plate photosensitive layer's abrasion resistance, and the surface of related products. This tester effectively addresses issues such as poor abrasion resistance of printed materials, ink film shedding, low printing durability of PS plates, and inadequate coating hardness in other products. It complies with the standard GB/T 7706-2008 'Toppan Decorative Prints.'

Test Principle Cellophane tape paper, selected according to the standard, is adhered to the ink-printed surface of the sample after adjusting the test environment. With standard load, rolling speed, and rolling times, the sample is placed and adjusted for a specific period. Then, using a defined pressure and peeling speed, the tape is peeled off to observe and measure the ink layer's peeled condition. This allows for the judgment and analysis of the bonding fastness of the printed ink layer.

Standard Compliance GBT 17497.1, GBT 7705, GBT 7706


  • Friction Pressure: 20±0.2N
  • Friction Speed: 5~43 cpm (Times/Min)
  • Friction Area: 240(L)✕50(W) mm
  • Coefficient of Friction: 1~999999 times
  • Equipment Size: L×W×H - 440 mm×400 mm×200 mm
  • Power: 350W
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50 Hz


  • Advanced Configuration and Technology
    • Simple design concept with delicate workmanship, featuring a color touch screen for user-friendly test operations.
    • Reasonably structured design ensures smooth instrument operation, accurate testing, longer lifespan, improved long-term stability, and energy efficiency.
    • Full-automatic and one-button operation with automatic shutdown for simple and convenient use.
    • Utilises high-precision ball screw parts for stable operation, longer lifespan, good long-term stability, and energy savings.
    • Freely adjustable running speed times to meet various standard requirements.
    • High test accuracy, ensuring precise testing results.
    • Effectively controls and solves issues related to poor wear resistance, low abrasion resistance, and easy shedding of the printed ink layer.
    • Compatible with PS version photosensitive layer wear resistance testing, enabling analysis and prediction of PS version durability.
    • Inner printer for direct printing of testing results.