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Rotational Bending Fatigue Test Machine

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Rotational Bending Fatigue Test Machine BMT-T series

Our Rotary Tilt BMT-T Series Fatigue Tester is a benchtop device and has been designed considering the basic principles of fatigue testing. The desired test can be performed by applying a load to the specimen, which is fixed on one side and subjected to rotation, on the other hand. The load amplitude of BESMAK Rotary Bend Fatigue Tester can be adjusted automatically with the help of the worm-gear system. The device can display the number of cycles counted by the electricity meter on the screen by means of a digital meter.

Technical specifications:

  • Electronic Unit: German Origin DOLI Controller
  • Control: 1) DOLI Controller,2) DOLI Hand Controller,3)Computer Software Test Center (Load and Loop Controlled)
  • Engine Speed ​​and Output Power: 2500-3000 rpm, 0.2-0.5 kW
  • Test Speed: Adjustable between 0.01 rpm - 3000 rpm.
  • Resolution: 0.0001 rev
  • Size: Max. 1000x1000x1000mm
  • Load Range: ±250 N
  • Total Weight: ˂60 kg
  • Computer Software: Available (Test&Motion)