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Rotary Bending Testing Machine

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Rotary Bending Testing Machine

Our BMT-T Series bench top type Rotary Bending Fatigue Test Machine is designed for special rotary bending fatigue tests.

In this type, rotary load applied at one side of sample and the other side remain fixed. Special tread system design allows automatic loading. And load amplitude is adjustable.

  • Max. bending moment : 200
  • Bending moment adjustable : 25 – 200
  • Min accuracy of applied bending moment :+/- 1%
  • Digital counter : Minimum 6 digits
  • Electronic Control Unit German made EDC controller
  • Computer Test Software Dynamic Test Software (Load and Cycle controlled)
  • Test speed 0,01 rpm – 3000 rpm
  • Load reading Digital load reading with 180000 steps resolution software interface
  • Maximum rated load ±250 kg
  • Data acquisition 1000 Hz
  • Loading system for bending moment Lever arm type