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Robomet Universal Polisher

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ROBOMET has 5 work stations and a washing station, arranged in a circle around the sample holder. The samples are mounted on a star-holder, which is inserted, by means of a quick coupling, into the automatic head.

The automatic head rotates, according to the preset program, from one work station to the other, performing the preparation of the samples according to the parameters of the work cycle. Nozzles are connected to the head for dispensing abrasive fluids, while the refrigerant for the wheel station is contained in a recirculation tank inside the machine.

The operator is isolated from the work area by a plexiglass protection fitted with a safety microswitch.

ROBOMET performs the preparation of metallographic samples according to the cycle recalled by the operator, a cycle can be composed of a maximum number of 100 steps divided into groups of 4 steps at a time. For each step it is possible to set all the process variables. The machine allows storing on the resident cpu about 60 different preparation cycles, furthermore it is possible to register others on a removable smart card. The preparation cycles are password protected.

ROBOMET, in the individual stations, it allows the control of the following parameters:

Grinding station: grinding wheel start / stop, grinding wheel dressing with diamond tool, refrigerant supply.

Wash station: washing with water or alcohol and drying by means of compressed air samples. grinding and polishing stations: start / stop disk, rotation speed adjustment 0-300 rev / 1 ‘.

The commands are executed through a 7-inch Touch-screen interface, with the availability of additional functions and memory of the work recipes.

Working pressure from 0 to 6 bar.
Synchronous or discordant rotation of the sample holder.
Duration of the step from 0 to 3200 sec.
Management of 7 fluids: water, lapping oil and 5 diamond suspensions.

Display of the following parameters on the LCD screen:

Preparation cycle activated.
Step in execution.
Total number of steps envisaged.
Time remaining until the end of the step.
Work disk speed.
Work pressure.
Direction of rotation of the sample holder.
Fluid used and delivery method.

The work cycle can be suspended and resumed at any time using a special stand-by key. The machine is equipped with a general switch for switching on and off, with an emergency stop button, and is made in compliance with CE standards.

Technical data Robomet
Disk speed (rpm) 0 – 300 o 500*
Working time (min) 1 – 99
Max Recipe storage +99
Power supply (V) 380 – 3ph
Weight (kg) 500
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH 1270 x 1100 x 1500