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Power Amplifier - MPA100 series

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The MPA series amplifier family is a wide frequency band digital switching (Class D) Power Amplifier designed with latest state-of-the-art technology. A number of built-in features in the amplifier allow vibration testing to be performed with ease. User friendly operation and an interactive microprocessor logic control system ensures the MPA amplifier delivers full performance and is compatible with any make of electro-dynamic shaker. The IPA series is our 4th generation high performance PWM switching (Class-D) power amplifier designed for continuous operation with any shaker system in the vibration testing industry. The IPA (Intelligent Power Amplifier) series amplifiers have incorporated many new features and designs.

The IPA amplifier uses a large touch screen user interface and the latest FPGA with DSP technology which is designed to drive and monitor its IGBT power modules output. A complete new design concept is taken to built-in a dedicated FPGA-PWM controller into each power module. The high-speed FPGA-PWM controller handles a closed loop digital signal processed pulse width modulation driving circuit to the IGBTs. An error control logic in the FPGA-PWM controller handles low output distortion with fast over-current and short-circuit protection on the IGBTs. The FPGD-PWM controller incorporates a synchronous phase logic control to ensure all power modules operate in phase and its output current are balanced. The touch screen control provides clear and easy interface on the amplifier control and monitoring. It is also capable of remote control and monitoring function via the internet. This makes the IPA series amplifier the most user friendly, reliable and high performance switching amplifier for shaker system in the market. The amplifier outputs range from 30 kVA to 1,200 kVA.