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Potentiometer conductive plastic linear position transducer KTF

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The potentiometer conductive plastic linear posiition transducer is equipped with a conductive track that is well-suited for measuring, monitoring, and controlling mechanical strokes. Its critical function lies in ensuring a consistent DC output, which depends on the stable movement of the shaft and wiper across the transducer's surface. This versatile transducer finds application in a variety of sectors, including industrial controls, robotics, process systems, and can also serve as a replacement for a linear voltage differential transformer (LVDT). It is particularly well-suited for use in plastic injection presses, vertical presses, and a wide range of other processing machines.

Key Features:

  • Features a rodless design
  • Operates at very high speeds
  • Utilises a ball coupling mechanism to prevent side loads
  • Housed in an anodized aluminum case
  • Employs noble metal brushes for both the collector and resistive tracks
  • Equipped with a conductive plastic track on a polymer base
  • Offers infinite resolution
  • Maintains a protection level of IP54
  • Demonstrates a lifetime exceeding 100 million cycles
  • Accommodates travel distances exceeding 25 million meters
  • Achieves repeatability within a 0.01 mm tolerance