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Pitch Table

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Pitch Table

Our pitch table is a vibration test system designed specifically for automobile seat manufacturers and recreational equipment carriers. The versatile Pitch Table has gained wide acceptance by major seat manufacturers including Johnson Controls and Lear Corporation, and recreational equipment carriers such as Thule.

The Pitch Table is designed to perform in-process testing as described in the “Vibration Amplitude of Seat Back (IP TESTING)” and “Evaluation of Noise During Applied Vibration (IP TESTING)” sections of Ford Motor Company’s ES-F58B-1600034-A specification.


  • Simultaneous bounce (vertical) and pitch (or roll) motions
  • Built-in, air-isolated reaction mass
  • Easy and direct installation on most facility floors
  • Easy to operate, digital control system designed for minimal operator training
  • Manual mode for troubleshooting specific noise problems
  • Easily re-programmed to allow for changes in specifications


  • Squeak and rattle Testing of Automotive Seats
  • Durability testing of recreation equipment cargo racks