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Pinhole Detector ED-3D

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NOVOTEST ED-3D Pinhole Detector was designed for rapid non-destructive testing of the continuity of coating (e.g. porosity of film) with thickness up to 500mkm according to ASTM G62-A.

Pinhole Detector is designed for testing the porosity of partially painted places and other discontinuities of protective dielectric coatings on metal products by putting low voltage through a sponge which is soaked in a liquid electrolyte with high penetrating properties.


  • Fully ready to use
  • Automatic calibration and voltage checking
  • Low battery indicator
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Wide range of interchangeable probes
  • Universal model with three voltage value
  • Easy to connect/disconnect cables with protection of crooking
  • Big standard sponge
Size of contact surface of the sponge electrode, mm 30×80
Control voltage 9V; 67,5V; 90V
The range of checking coating thickness , microns 0-500
Dimensions of the device, mm 120*60*25
Operating temperature range, ° С from -5 to + 40
Power supply 2 pcs batteries AAA
Batteries life, h More than 10
Net weight with batteries, kg 0,2