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PFI Pulp Mill Beater

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For laboratory use in the process of refining chemical pastes under standard conditions and even for the defibration of semi-digested (uncooked) raw materials.

The refining elements consist of a mill with sharp vertical cutting bars and a container that houses the paper pulp sample to be refined, both elements made of stainless steel.

The mill with blades and the circular container have an independent electric motor drive and rotate in the same direction but the refining mill has a higher peripheral speed. Deployment and the base plate are carried out independently and rotate in the same direction, but implementation has peripheral speed.

Refining conditions, such as pulp consistency, refining pressure and the distance between the refining elements can vary within wide limits. The PFI type refining mill is equipped with a digital counter to record the mill turns during a pulp refining test.

  • Power consumption in W - watts (continuous measurement)
  • Energy consumption in Kw / h, during the whipping process.
  • Versatility due to fast operation and small pulp volume (30 g)
  • You can refine between 5 - 40 g of pulp in a concentration of 5 to 50%
  • (max 450 ml suspension)
  • Excellent repeatability, to be used in quality control and research
  • Safety elements for user and equipment protection (CE)
  • Raising and lowering of the refining cylinder by electric automatic manoeuvre


  • POWER SUPPLY: 230V/60Hz or 380V/50Hz triphasic
  • DIMENSIONS OF THE PFI BEATER: 660 x 755 x 1700 mm (W x D X H)
  • NET WEIGHT: 380 Kg
  • DIMENSIONS OF TRANSPORT PACKAGING: 1100 x 940 x 1950 mm (W x D X H)
  • GROSS WEIGHT: 550 Kg (Wooden packaging with phytosanitary treatment)

Applicable standards:

  • ISO 5264/2
  • DIN-EN 25264-2
  • SCAN C 24