Pendulum Impact Testing Machine TSP452D1

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine TSP452D1

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The TSP452D1 Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is designed to measure the Charpy impact resistance of metals and other materials, adhering to international standards.

Standards Compliant: ISO 148, EN10045, ASTM E23, GB/T 229, GB/T 12778, GOST 9454

Key Advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Pneumatic brake system ensures the pendulum stops during power outages or emergencies, significantly improving safety.
  • Efficiency & Safety: Pneumatic action locks the pendulum at the top position, enhancing both efficiency and safety.
  • Easy Maintenance: The fully enclosed aluminum protective cover is split-type for easy removal. The glass window allows for test observation, and the metal mesh at the bottom prevents broken specimens from escaping.
  • Quick Alignment: The pneumatic centering device allows for rapid specimen alignment, especially beneficial for low-temperature tests to reduce heat loss.
  • Maintenance Safety: A safety pin locks the pendulum during maintenance, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Optional Automation: A computer with software control is available for semi-automatic operation, requiring the operator only to load specimens while the software handles the rest.
  • Fully Automatic Option: An optional specimen feeding system, when combined with computer and software, can achieve fully automatic operation.
  • Cold Specimen Testing: An optional cooling system is available to test specimens at temperatures as low as -180°C.