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Pendulum Impact Tester GBG-L2

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Elevate your impact testing precision with the GBG-L2 Pendulum Impact Tester, meticulously designed and manufactured according to stringent standards such as GB/T 8809, ASTM D3420, and GB/T 21189. This advanced instrument is tailored for determining the pendulum impact resistance of film materials, composite films, metallic foils, and more. Ideal for scientific research, teaching, industrial applications, and quality supervision, the GBG-L2 offers cutting-edge features to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Testing Principle The instrument utilises a semi-globe-shaped impact head to break through the sample with a specific ram speed, measuring the consumptive energy of the impact head. This energy is then used to estimate the energy value of the pendulum impact resistance of the film sample.


  • GB/T 8809
  • ASTM D3420
  • GB/T 21189

Technical Parameters

  • Maximum Impact Energy: 5 J (8 J optional)
  • Test Precision: 0.001 J
  • Pendulum Angle: 90°
  • Pendulum Swing Radius: 285 mm
  • Size of Impact Head: Φ19 mm, Φ25.4 mm
  • Size of Clips: Φ60 mm, Φ89 mm
  • Size of Test Sample: 100 mm×100 mm
  • Instrument Size: 773 mm×378 mm×606 mm
  • Power: 75 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz

Key Features

  1. Precision Measurement

    • Electronic measurement with test accuracy up to 0.001 J, ensuring the precision of experimental results.
  2. User-Friendly Interface

    • Equipped with a color touch screen for convenient test operations and data viewing.
  3. Pneumatic Clamping and Release

    • Sample is pneumatically clamped, and the pendulum is pneumatically released, with a horizontal adjustment auxiliary system to prevent human errors.
  4. Adjustable Range

    • Adjustable range and electronic measurement enable easy and accurate testing under various conditions.
  5. Automatic Data Statistics

    • The system automatically compiles test data and visually presents results to the user.
  6. One-Key Operation:

    • Automatic operation with a one-key test feature for simplified and convenient use.
  7. Report Editing Function

    • Includes a report editing function, allowing users to customise experimental report content based on specific requirements.


  1. Film

    • Suitable for testing the resistance of plastic film, thin film, and composite film to pendulum impact. Examples include food and drug packaging bags with PE/PP composite film, aluminum plating film, aluminum-plastic composite film, nylon film, etc.
  2. Paper and Sheet Testing

    • Ideal for testing the impact resistance of paper and paperboard, such as aluminized paper for cigarette packaging and aluminum-plastic paper composite material for Tetra Pak packaging.

Experience unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in pendulum impact testing with the GBG-L2, an advanced instrument designed to meet the highest standards of precision and reliability.