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Oxygen Permeability Tester OTR Y110 2.0

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The Y110 2.0 Oxygen Permeability Analyser, utilising the Coulometric Sensor Method, is developed in adherence to standards such as GB/T 19789, ASTM D3985 and others. With a high-precision imported oxygen sensor ensuring superior accuracy, this analyser is ideal for assessing the oxygen transmission performance of films, sheets, paper, packaging and related materials in diverse industries like food, medicine, medical equipment, daily chemicals, and photovoltaic electronics. It delivers a comprehensive and efficient detection of oxygen transmission rates across high, medium and low oxygen barrier materials.

Testing Principle The Y110 2.0 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester employs the Coulometric Sensor Method. In this process, the pre-processed sample is securely positioned in the centre of the test chamber. High-purity oxygen flows in the upper chamber of the film, while high-purity nitrogen (carrier gas) flows in the lower chamber. Oxygen molecules diffuse through the film to the nitrogen on the other side. The flowing nitrogen gas carries the oxygen to the sensor and the oxygen transmission rate is calculated by analysing the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor.

Standards GB/T 19789, YBB 00082003, ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1927, ASTM F1037, ISO 15105-2, JIS K-7126-B, DIN 53380-3

Technical Parameters

  • Test Range: 0.05~1000 cm3/(m2·24h) (Max 260000 cm³/(m2·24h) can be measured through adding the mask)
  • Resolution: 0.001 cm3/(m2·24h)
  • Temperature Range: 15~45℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Humidity Range: Dryness=0%RH, 30~90%RH, 100%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: ±1%RH
  • Test Area: 50.24 cm2 (minimum 0.785 cm2 optional customization)
  • Sample Size: Φ100 mm
  • Sample Thickness: ≤3 mm
  • Number of Samples: 1 piece
  • Carrier Gas Pressure: ≥0.1 MPa
  • Gas Supply Port: Φ3 mm gas port
  • Carrier Gas Port: 1/8 inch
  • Instrument Size: 600 mm×400 mm×330 mm
  • Power: 750 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz


  • Patented core technology ensuring efficient and accurate testing.
  • High-precision imported oxygen sensor with high sensitivity, ultra-high stability, and ultra-low failure rate, providing a resolution of 0.001 cm3/(m2·24h).
  • New pneumatic control system for automatic sample clamping, enhancing convenience and labor-saving with excellent sealing performance.
  • Precise control of temperature and humidity, with a semiconductor stabiliser ensuring a temperature control accuracy of 0.1 ℃.
  • Single cavity design for compactness and flexibility, catering to high testing efficiency.
  • Wide measurement range of 0.05~1000 cm3/(m2·24h·0.1 MPa), suitable for testing high, medium, and low barrier materials. With additional accessories, it can measure the oxygen transmission rate of containers like bottles, bags, and bowls.
  • Fully automatic operation with a one-key test, automatic judgment, and automatic shutdown.
  • Real-time display of six sets of curves, including transmittance-time, temperature-time, humidity-time, nitrogen flow-time, oxygen flow-time, and concentration-time. The curves support preview and hide functions.
  • Smart operating system designed in compliance with GMP standards, featuring modular graphics and flexible setting of test process parameters.
  • Offline or online detection options, allowing independent testing or computer-connected online testing.
  • Professional calibration service for accurate and reliable data, supported by a "National Standard Material Grading Certificate" and "People's Republic of China Manufacturing Measuring Instrument License."
  • Laboratory Intelligent IoT Platform for network digital management, enabling remote authorisation, data management, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.


  • Film: Oxygen transmission rate test of various plastic films, composite films, degradable packaging films, etc.
  • Sheet: Oxygen transmission rate test of solid pharmaceutical hard sheets, metal composite sheets, rubber sheets, etc.
  • Medicinal Stickers, Warm Stickers: Oxygen permeability test of medical plaster therapy patches, warm patches, dysmenorrhea patches, etc.
  • Hygiene Products: Oxygen permeability test of sanitary napkins, pads, and other sanitary products.
  • Paper, Cardboard, and Composites: Oxygen permeability test of coated paper, carbon paper, silicone paper, aluminised paper, paper-aluminum-plastic composite sheets, and other paper, cardboard.
  • Package: Oxygen permeability test of wine bottles, cola bottles, peanut oil barrels, Tetra Pak packaging, vacuum packaging bags, three-piece cans, cosmetic packaging, toothpaste tubes, jelly cups, yogurt cups, and other plastic, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass, metal bottles, bags, cans, boxes, barrels.
  • Package Closures: Oxygen permeability test of various package closures.
  • Solar Back Sheet: Oxygen permeability test of solar back sheets.
  • Pipe: Oxygen permeability test of pipes made of various materials such as PPR pipes.