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Overall Migration Dissolution Tester AUTO ZF1800A

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The ZF1800A Overall Migration Tester is designed for determining the dissolution amount of packaging materials in various simulant soaking solutions, catering to applications such as tableware, cans, food packaging films, and tubes made from polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). The residues migrated from the specimen are evaporated and dried, and their analysis and weighing align with dissolution indexes specified in packaging product application requirements.

Conformity to Standards This machine complies with the following guidelines: GB 31604.8-2016, GB 31604.1-2015, GB/T 5009.156-2016, GB/T 9740-2008, GB/T 23949-2009, YBB 00342002-2015, YBB 00102005-2015, YBB 00082002-2015.


1. Individual Cooling and Heating Systems

  • Dual chambers for separate heating and cooling, optimising alternating cold and heat cycles.
  • Automatic temperature control and dehumidification.
  • Temperature and humidity control during weighing for consistent test conditions.
  • Built-in water bath system for automatic water bath evaporation, including water feeding, water-level detection, temperature control, evaporation, and drainage.
  • Automatic systems for alarming overheat and dryout, with multiple protections defining safe ranges for water temperature, water consumption, soaking solution consumption, and exhaust gas.

2. Solution Recycling System

  • Fully enclosed chamber for solution evaporation and auto-recycling of exhaust gas.
  • Prevents solution leakage, ensuring operator safety.

3. Nitrogen Filling Protection

  • Uses N2 as a carrier gas to support rapid evaporation testing.

4. Convenient Operation

  • Integrated testing process of water bathing, drying, weighing, and evaporating.
  • Embedded ARM system with touch screen for easy mainframe operation.
  • Unattended constant weighing and prior constant weighing of the test dish to shorten test time.
  • Auto-feeding, auto-judgment, and auto-stop functionalities.
  • Accommodates 18 test dishes for simultaneous independent results.

5. More Security Consideration

  • Adopts water heating instead of electric heating to prevent high-voltage spark in the evaporation chamber.


  • Test Range: 0.2mg/dm2-167g (residue weight)/dm2
  • Resolution: 0.1mg/dm2
  • Measurement Range: 0~200g (Scale parameters)
  • Temperature Control Range of Water Bath: Room temperature~100℃
  • Temperature Control Range of Heating Chamber: Room temperature~117.9℃
  • Temperature Control Range of Cooling Chamber: 0~35℃
  • Temperature Precision: ±0.5℃
  • Chamber Temperature Uniformity: ±5℃
  • Quantity of Samples: 1-18pcs (with independent test results)
  • Constant Weighing Time: 2h (conventional)
  • Evaporating Dish Volume: 0-200ml
  • Dimensions: Mainframe - L×W×H 178cm×93cm×145cm, Recycling System - L×W×H 120cm×88cm×170cm
  • Power: 220V, 50Hz, 5000W