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Non Destructive Testing - Industrial X-Ray Scanning Systems

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The X-sight TM series of linear X-ray scanners combines exceptional scan speed with ruggedness. These factors make the X-ray detectors ideal for agri-food grading and inspection, package inspection, and other industrial applications.


X-ray imaging of objects moving at speeds up to 2,500 feet per minute meets a wide variety of resolution and speed requirements modular design allows for flexibility in the scanning width of the detector XD-2 mounts vertically between conveyor rollers for superior image quality XD-2S/SD mounts horizontally.


  • designed to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • highly accurate and sensitive — has variable gain for adjustable X-ray sensitivity
  • radiation resistant for long operating life internal lead shielding to protect electronics


Company also provides the Video Frame Assembler (VFA) which converts the image into the same format used by vision cameras, allowing for easy interface to the desired image processor.

Other components can provide to complete your X-ray inspection system include an X ray source and controls, safety enclosures, material handling equipment, and the image acquisition hardware and software for a fully-automated solution.


At presents this technology and manufacture was bought by the Starmans Elec­tronics Ltd. And therefore there is the possibility to supply either independent instrumentation or equipment combining the X-RAY and ultrasonic technology.


  • quality control
  • density measurement
  • non-destructive testing/verification
  • wood processing (saw cut optimisation, grading)
  • product integrity assessment
  • package contents verification (prior to shipping)
  • food contaminant inspection
  • fruit & vegetable grading