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NEBS-GR63 Seismic and Earthquake Simulation Test System

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NEBS-GR63 Seismic and Earthquake Simulation Test System

Our versatile high-performance seismic simulation system is the only system of its kind capable of performing all the Bellcore GR-63 test requirements in a single combined, dual-axis system. Servohydraulic actuators are integrated with hydrostatic slip table bearings, for the perfect high-frequency long stroke vertical/horizontal system. With the trunion mounted actuator system, repositioning from vertical to horizontal axis takes very little time.


  • In addition to our comprehensive testing software and advanced computerised feedback systems, several key features of our Seismic Simulation Test System include:

    • Reliable Servohydraulic Actuator
    • Welded Magnesium Vertical Mounting Platform
    • 48 in2 mounting surface (Vertical and Horizontal)
    • 12 inches (300 mm) static displacement
    • 10.5 inches (262 mm) dynamic displacement
    • 40 in/sec (1 M/sec) velocity
    • Accurate Verteq II Waveform Replication
    • Available as Trunion Mounted Actuator or Separated System


  • Among the system’s versatile applications is the ability to test the following:

    • NEBS GR-63 Test Requirements
    • Hi Velocity Tests of Heavy Payloads
    • Internet Routers and Switches
    • Optical Switches
    • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Telephone Switch Gears