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NanoTest Xtreme nanoindentation - vacuum nano mechanical testing

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NanoTest Xtreme nanoindentation – mechanical testing


Extrapolating results from ambient or near-ambient temperatures to predict high and low temperature properties has long been shown to be unrealistic and prone to error. In order to provide the most reliable and accurate prediction of properties, test conditions must closely mimic real-world environments. The NanoTest Xtreme nanoindenter now enables you to investigate more extreme environments than ever before.

Researchers are increasingly demanding that test conditions closely mimic real-world environments in order to provide the most reliable, accurate prediction of properties.  The NanoTest Vantage offers the most comprehensive range of nano-indentation; mechanical test options.  These are now further extended with the NanoTest Xtreme nanoindenter, which provides a vacuum environment testing from -100 to 1000ºC without oxidation or frosting of samples.

Suitable for investigating the effect of more extreme environments than ever before for:

  • High temperatures for aerospace engine components
  • Low oxygen, low temperatures for satellite development
  • High temperatures for power station steam pipes
  • Irradiation effects in nuclear reactor cladding
  • The effect of cold on weld repairs in oil/gas pipelines
  • Tool coatings for high speed machining

The benefits to users are:

  • Extended high temperature capabilities beyond the 850°C provided by the NanoTest Vantage
  • Enhanced low temperature capability to below -100°C without frosting of samples
  • Ultra-low thermal drift due to same construction principles as those used on the proven NanoTest Vantage
  • Complete range of nano-mechanical tests remain available, including indentation, scratch, wear, friction and high-load impact
  • Ability to back fill with gas to match material operating environments

Key Xtreme Features:

  • 10-5 mbar vacuum
  • Backfill to test in alternative low oxygen environments
  • 10 µN – 500 mN load range
  • High temperature stage combined with the Cryo stage give a test temperature range from -100 to 1000 ºC
  • Compatible with all standard NanoTest techniques:
    • Nanoindentation
    • Nano-scratch and wear
    • Nano-impact
    • Nano-fretting
  • The Xtreme is fitted with a high resolution optical microscope as standard. This can be augmented with the 3D profiling stage.


  • Vacuum, high and low temperature capability to match the working conditions of test materials
  • Proven NanoTest technology provides ultimate stability, accuracy and confidence in results
  • No more extrapolating data from ambient conditions to guess the working-life performance
  • Provides the hardware for understanding the mechanical behaviour of the next generation of engineering materials