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Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator GQ300

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The Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator GQ300 is primarily designed for the storage and preservation testing of a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings, and more. Leveraging microelectronics technology, this refrigerator automatically controls the concentration of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and ethylene within the chamber. It also regulates temperature and humidity conditions, providing an efficient preservation effect. This refrigerator is an indispensable equipment for microorganism research, environmental protection, food production, universities, scientific research institutions, and other entities.


  • Measuring Ranges for Gases

    • O2: 0%~25%
    • CO2: 0%~20%
    • C2H4: 0~220 ppm
    • Other gas: N2
  • Test Accuracy

    • O2: 0.01%
    • CO2: 0.01%
    • C2H4: 0.1 ppm
  • Purity Requirements

    • O2, CO2, N2, C2H4 purity ≥ 99.9%
  • Gas Flow Control

    • O2: 0~500 mL/min
    • CO2: 0~500 mL/min
    • N2: 0~500 mL/min
  • Temperature Control Range

    • -5℃~45℃
  • Chamber Temperature Control Accuracy

    • ±0.5℃
  • Chamber Humidity Range

    • Normal~95%RH
  • Humidity Fluctuation Range

    • ±3%RH
  • Refrigeration Capacity

    • 1HP
  • Chamber Humidifier Power

    • 50 W
  • Chamber Lighting System Power

    • 10 W
  • Material

    • Color steel plate
  • Instrument Size

    • 889 mm×1285 mm×1750 mm
  • Machine Power

    • 3 KW
  • Test Chambers

    • 3 Piece
  • Power Supply

    • AC 220V

Product Features

  • The test chamber includes humidity, gas flow, and concentration control for various gases, ethylene removal, lighting, sterilisation, and drainage systems.
  • Built-in microcomputer system for automatic control and data processing.
  • 24-inch 100,000 real-color touch screen for parameter setting and control operations.
  • Built-in ozone sterilisation and ethylene catalytic removal device for fast degassing.
  • Imported high-precision sensors for accurate gas and ethylene concentration detection.
  • Temperature and humidity control systems with stable performance.
  • Each chamber operates independently for efficient and controlled humidification.
  • Stainless steel inner walls, double-layer glass doors, and a color steel plate shell.
  • Transparent windows, drainage system anti-condensation, built-in lighting, and self-entry box design.


  • Fruit and Vegetable Storage and Preservation
    • Suitable for various domestic and imported fruits and vegetables.
  • Meat and Seafood Storage and Preservation
    • Ideal for pork, beef, mutton, fish, shrimp, crab, etc.
  • Baked Food Storage and Preservation
    • Appropriate for bread, cakes, biscuits, and other bakery products.
  • Flower and Seedling Storage and Preservation
    • Perfect for roses, lilies, phalaenopsis, and other flowers and seedlings.