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Miniature LVDT Displacement Transducer | Position Sensor | AML/M

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The AML/M series of miniature LVDT displacement transducers are available in ranges from ±0.25mm (0-0.5mm) up to ±50mm (0-100mm).

Available in either a 4-wire or 6-wire configurations, the miniature LVDT requires a sinusoidal AC supply voltage and provides an AC mV/V output signal which is linearly proportional to displacement.

A compact in-line DC in/DC out signal conditioner is available to complement the miniature LVDT and provide a 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA output signal if required.

The miniature LVDT is available in one of 3 mechanical configurations; plain core-only, plain core & extension rod and spring loaded core and extension rod.

Their small size and variety of mechanical configurations make the AML/M miniature LVDT suitable for a broad range of applications such as material testing machines, production and development test rigs, quality assurance testing, automotive and aerospace actuators and within pressure sensors.


  • Stroke Ranges: ±0.25mm to ±50mm
  • AC mV/V Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP40
  • Core-Only, Core + Extension &Spring-Loaded Versions
  • Optional In-Line DC/DC Signal Conditioner