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MFR300 Microprocessor Melt Flow System

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MFR300 Microprocessor Melt Flow System

Introducing, our brand-new Ray Ran MFR300 - the most advanced model of Melt Flow Indexers manufactured by Ray-Ran. This system perfectly complements Ray Ran’s renowned MFR100 and MFR200 models.

Easy to use with sophisticated touch screen electronics, the MFR300 is packed with features that allow you to verify and validate sample materials quickly and efficiently – making this machine the perfect partner for your QA, QC, and R&D requirements. The system also comes with our Techni-Test software – offering an easy way to access your results.


  • Processor:  Dedicated microprocessor

  • Display:  4.3” touch screen display

  • Connection:  Wi-Fi, USB, and ethernet enabled

  • Heating:  Dual zone heating

  • Temperature:  accurate to ± 0.10°C

  • Temperature range:  0 to 450°C* 500°C optional

  • Temperature resolution:  ± 0.10°C

  • Digital encoder:  accurate to ± 0.02mm

  • Electrical characteristics:  110v@60hz and 220v@50hz fuse rating 10 amp