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Melt Flow Indexer MFI452

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This type of melt flow indexer is a highly precise melt testing instrument for the measurement of melt flow rate (MFR)/(MI) or melt volume rate (MVR) in quality control and research applications. The testing result can distinguish the viscous flow performance of thermoplastic material by the model MFI452 showing its advantage in the following industries: factories, products quality testing stations, scientific and research institutes, and related industries.


  • Two digital display control panels with membrane covered buttons, intuitive interface and real-time data display
  • Automatic timing and control of the test process. Test method (MFR/MVR) can be preset on the control panel
  • Automatic test as preset program
  • Alarm prompts the end of each test step in the test process
  • Built in micro-printer: When the Test is completed, the results will be printed
  • Comply with the international standards ISO1133, ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364, BS2782, DIN53735, JIS K7210