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ME02 Sphygomanometer Calibrator

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ME02 Sphygomanometer Calibrator

ME02 Non-invasive Sphygomanometer Calibrator is used for simulating human body blood pressure with output signal stability and good repeatability. It provides static pressure output & automatic leak testing, dynamic blood pressure simulating function that is used for calibrating sphygomanometer for hospitals, the University labs and sphygomanometer manufacturers.

Technical specification

  • Generated pressure:(0-60)kPa /(0-450mmHg)
  • Control pressure stability:0.05%F.S
  • Pressure measuring:(0-60)kPa/(0-450)mmHg
  • Accuracy:±0.1%F.S
  • Resolution:0.01kPa(0.1mmHg)
  • Adults simulating range:
    •     Systolic pressure (50-255)mmHg/(6.7-34)kPa
    •     Diastolic pressure (30-195)mmHg/(4.0-26)kPa
    •     Newborn simulating range:
    •     Systolic pressure (30-120)mmHg/(4.0-16)kPa
    •     Diastolic pressure (10-100)mmHg/(1.3-13.3)kPa
  • Blood pressure value repeatability: less than(2mmHg)
  • Heart rate range:(30-250) times/mins
  • Heart rate accuracy:±1%R.D
  • Pulse value:(0.1-2.4)m


  • Portable,easy to use in fild
  • With rechargeable battery
  • Automatically pressurized and depressurized
  • 7 inch touch-screen, external wireless mouse
  • Adopt import pressure transducer and pressure components
  • Remindering when the pressure value approaching
  • Stability time set 0-60s selectable
  • Voice is less than 40 decibel
  • Build in adults /newborn cuff
  • 18 group application, only set once time for permanent store
  • Dimensions: 300L×250W×110H (mm)
  • Weight: 4kg